Gothic Gala Lacquer Mini Haul



I recently purchased a few polishes from Gothic Gala Lacquer and wanted to do a little swatch and review! I’ve really gotten interested in swatching since I am usually so heavily focused on just nailart. Today I’ll be reviewing Opal JamilaLilac Dreams, and Distraction. I have a live swatch and review on my Youtube channel! image Let’s start with Opal Jamila! It is a white silvery pearl with a scattered holographic glitter in it. It is a little bit thick of a formula and can get a little brushstrokey but the color payoff is very worth it! It looks like a pearl covered in China Glaze’s fairy dust! Here is a shot of it in the shade at 2 coats.

Opal Jamila in the shade.

Here is a shot of how it looks in the sun! This is a gorgeous polish and completely unique to my collection!

Opal Jamila in the sun.

Next up Is Lilac Dreams. Lilac dreams is a light lavender purple with a purple flash or sheen to it. It is a thermal that as it gets colder is supposed to turn a darker purple or almost black. I could not get this polish to shift for me, I tried both with and without topcoat and it didnt seem to make a difference. It is a super pretty polish though! Here is a shot of it in the shade

Lilac Dreams in the shade.

You can really see the purple flash out in the sun! Easy formula, this is shown as 3 coats.

Lilac Dreams in the sun.

And lastly I have Distraction, it is a red holographic polish that leans way pink! Indoors it shows as a red, outdoors and in the sun it looks like a very dark but bright pink. The holo in this polish is strong and the formula is amazing! It dries super quickly, here is a shade shot shown at 2 coats.

Distraction in the shade.

And here is a picture of it in the sun, gorgeous polish and easily my favorite of the 3!

Distraction in the sun.

So thats all the swatches I have for today, I will have polishes from Shinespark Polishes, Envy Lacquer, and Virtuous Polish coming soon as well as more from Gothic Gala Lacquer! .

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