Neon Watermarble with Shinespark Polish’s 80s Neons Collection

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Today will be testing out how well the 80s Neon collection from Shinespark Polishes watermarbles! If you are unaware what watermarbling it, its a really fun method where polish is spread out on water and then designs are dragged through the resulting rings into different patterns before submerging the nails into the design. It can be a difficult challenge and not all polishes have the right formula and are not able to spread. I will be using all 8 colors from the collection for this look. I have a demo and how it turned out available on my YouTube channel here.

To start you will need room temperature filtered water, a small vessel or cup to watermarble in (I use a tiny teacup,) the polishes of your choice, and a tool to drag a pattern into the polish with. Something metal and sharp is great, it can be as simple as a pin or needle! I’ve been using a tool from available here.  Loosen the caps on each of your polishes and have them close at hand, the faster you are able to add the next drop the better rings you will make for your design!

Another not so pro tip is to make sure all fans/air conditioners/vents are either off or pointed away from you! My desk is right in front of my ac and I also had my ceiling fan on the first few times I tried watermarbling with these polishes and I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t get a good spread! I recommend drop 2 drops of your first color, as this will be the ring on the outer edge the thicker it is the longer it will take to dry so therefore will be easier to manipulate. Continue with each of the polishes trying to move as quickly and as accurate as possible to make a bullseye pattern. Once you get all of your colors dropped the patterns you can make are astronomical!

The 80’s neons have a beautiful spread on them! I wouldn’t classify them as aggressive spreaders (Zoya’s Robyn comes to mind) but I was able to get all 8 rings made and had ample time to make a pattern before they began to dry. I went for my very first swirl pattern and I am pretty happy with how they turned out!

My first swirl pattern!
My first swirl pattern!

Once you get your pattern of choice made you can either let it dry just as it is and use it as a decal or dip your nails directly into it. If you are wanting to dip I recommend using a liquid latex around your cuticle and the tip of your finger for much easier cleanup. I use the Cinema Secrets brand available on amazon and apply with a q tip. Position your cup towards which area you would like on your nails then dip your nail in at a downward 45 degree slant. Leave your nail submerged in the water and remove the excess paint with a q tip. Remove slowly and either shake or absorb an water spots on the top of your nail. If left they will make spots in your finished pattern. Cleanup with acetone and a cleanup brush and topcoat. That’s all there is to it!

My thumb after dipping, taken with flash
My thumb after dipping, taken with flash

And here is my finished result! I had sort of an epiphany while I was staring at these this morning, these remind me so much of the Maybelline Color Bleached Neons. They have the same kind of soft brightness except the Shinespark’s are much brighter toned so if you missed out on those you should for sure grab these!

finished watermabled mani
finished watermabled mani

So that’s it for today guys, if you are interested in this collection you can find them here individually or as a set, in minis or in full size. The full size set retails for $55. Stay tuned for more swatches and artwork coming soon!

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