Mermaid Gradient Mani featuring the Brights trio from the Rock Candy collection from Envy Lacquer

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Hi all! Today I’ll be sharing a mermaid gradient mani I did featuring the Bright Rock Candy trio I reviewed earlier from Envy Lacquer. These polishes are available for $25 here and they were provided to me for review. This is everything you’ll need to get started! Since we will be using jelly polishes today a white polish for a base is optional though I chose not to use one. Liquid latex is another item that is option but extremely recommended, the little shard glitters in these polish are no joke to get off of skin. I’ll also be using the fish scale image from Gal stamping plate #39, my creative shop stamper/scraper, acetone and a cleanup brush, a makeup sponge, a topcoat, and “Dancing in the Streets” by M Polish available here.

To start, go ahead and lay down a protective base coat. I use the strengthener from Qtica. Now take a makeup sponge and apply the jelly polishes in the order of “Zapped Apple, ” “Blueberry Blizzard,” then “Razzmatazz” like so…eblogmer4 taking care to overlap a little for a smoother gradient. Working one nail at a time, roll and then dab the makeup sponge, refill with more polish, and keep dabbing until the blending is to your liking. Then, topcoat as soon as possible and repeat on the rest of your nails. You should end up with something like this.

Envy Lacquer Bright trio gradient
Envy Lacquer Bright trio gradient

Once this has had time to cure for just a minute, stamp on the fish scale design from Gal’s plate 39 onto your nail using the stamper and stamping polish. If you’d like a visual on how this is done, visit my YouTube tutorial here. Let that dry for just a second, then topcoat and its finished!

Here is the finished result!
Here is the finished result!

Thanks so much for reading along guys, stay tuned for swatches from Virtuous Polish coming soon!

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