Harry Potter Colab Nails, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

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Today is Harry Potter’s birthday, y’all! In celebration I joined in on an awesome collaboration with Pish.Posh.Polish, @applepiemanis, @color_obsessed30, @rocket.mani, and @prettypinkypolish put on by the amazing @nailsonbroadway!

I was given book 3 to interpret and I couldn’t be more thrilled! So much amazing things are introduced in “Prisoner of Azkaban” from the Marauders Map, Sirius Black, we see Dementors for the first time, and Harry produces his first patronus. As I’ve already done a patronus themed mani a few weeks back I am feeling pretty confident in using the smoke method from Chalkboard Nails. I did do these before my latest chop-down so this is the last back logged mani from when I still had my points and I miss them dearly!

hpSo to get started if you would like to see my viedo tutorial, you may visit my YouTube channel here! I started with a base of Zoya’s Willa on my ring and pinky nail and a base of Zoya’s Tove on my pointer and middle fingers. Next I added a nice thick layer of HK Girl’s quick dry topcoat. This is important to protect your polish from the acetone in the next step so don’t skimp! Let the topcoat completely cure and then on the pink and ring fingernails I started with Zoya’s Snow White and a stripping brush and added in some smokey lines. The thinner and more abstarct you can get these lines the better the result will be! Next I loaded up my brush from bornprettystore.com with 100% acetone. Again, it is important to use 100% acetone to get the correct feathering of the polish. Once your brush is loaded, dab onto the white stripes until they began to look like smoke and stop when you get the desired effect. Repeat on the pointer and middle fingers using Zoya Willa and a dotting tool to make the dementors into a rounded shape, feathering out their “tails.”

hehe 032

Next I used the stag image from stamping plate hehe 032, my creative shop stamper and scraper, and white Konad stamping polish and added the image to the forefront of my ring finger to make it look like it was facing off against the dementors. Next I topcoated with HK Girl once more and then added a mate topcoat to give it a really smokey feel.

Close up of the stag
Close up of the stag
finished matted mani

So thats it for now, thanks so much for reading along and go forth and binge on all things Harry Potter today! Find me on instagram @sloppyswatches!

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