M Polish “Cayuga” and “Pekin” Review!

Cayuga, Pekin
Cayuga, Pekin

I am so excited for today’s demo and review! M Polish has released the black – Cayuga and the white – Pekin from the upcoming duck themed creams collection.  I did pick up the mini size of these, they are kind of too affordable not to! These retail for $9.50 for a full size 15 mL and $3.25 for the mini 5 mL size. So lets get right into it!

prsample2M  I’ll be using a base of Zoya Willa on my pinky and ring nails and Zoya Purity on my middle and indexy nails. I did 2 easy coats of each and then topcoated with KB Shimmer’s Clearly On Top. I also using stamping plate BP-L007 from bornprettystore.com

Base mani using Zoya's Willa and Purity. Hello clearance sticker!
Base mani using Zoya’s Willa and Purity. Hello clearance sticker!

Let’s start with “Cayuga” first.

image on stamper using Cayuga

Cayuga is a dark creamy true black. Very opaque, it does dry to a matte finish and you will need to move fairly quickly to transfer the image to your nail before the polish begins drying. Completely opaque over white, as shown here.


Next up is “Pekin,” the white of the collection.



Pekin is an extremely creamy, very opaque, true white stamping polish. It dries down to a matte finish as well. I don’t feel like this dried down as quickly for me as compared to the black but the faster you can get it transferred the better the lines will be! Here it is, shown over black:

Pekin over Zoya's Willa
Pekin over Zoya’s Willa

And here is the finished test mani! I found that both Pekin and Cayuga did well at picking up images with fine lines as well as image that were fairly thick. I am so happy to finally have a nice reliable 5 free option in such basic, awesome colors!


M7If you are interested in seeing the other colors M Polish has available, you can visit her storefront here or see amazing examples of every shade on her instagram here. If you are interested in seeing a live demo it is available on my YouTube channel here. Thanks so much for reading along, and look for a new Shinespark review coming soon!

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  1. I love the way you shape your nails! They suit you!☺️ I would love if you checked out my blog, I post nail art tutorials and reviews Etc xx


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