Pretty Little Liars Finale Nail Art!

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Am I the only one completely nerding out pumped for tonight’s finale of season 6 of Pretty Little Liars?? I just had to do some nails for the occasion, fingers crossed for finally finding out who is behind A (I was holding out for it being Aria but after seeing the pictures from next season I don’t think it is.)


To do these I used (from left to right); Zoya’s Dove, Tove, Dovima, Sailor, NYC Matte Me Crazy, KB Shimmer’s Clearly On Top, a thin detail paintbrush, a dotting tool, as well as acetone, a makeup sponge, some liquid latex, and red and white acrylic paint.

To start I laid down a base of Zoya’s Dove on all my nails. After that dried I added liquid latex around my cuticle area. Next I made a gradient of Sailor, Dovima, and Tove from my cuticle down using the makeup sponge. Here is the finished effect:



Next I wanted to add in some clouds that are sort of reminiscent of the opening credits. I used Zoya’s Dove, a dotting tool, and acetone to bleed out the shapes a bit. I will have y YouTube tutorial of this up ASAP!


Next I used my small detail paintbrush and the white acrylic paint to try to draw the loopy font PLL is kind of known for. I did one path and then repeated back over the lines to make them a little opaque. I also added the “A” initial on my pinky in a cranberry colored acrylic paint using the same method. Then I topcoated with Clearly On Top followed by my matte topcoat and that is it, I am finale ready!! Are you going to be watching tonight?




1 comments on “Pretty Little Liars Finale Nail Art!”

  1. I live in Ireland so we don’t get the episode until Wednesday morning!! Im so excited omggg😍😂love the nails!


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