Nail Art: ipsy themed Houndstooth Nails



Hi guys! Today I have some double stamped nails that were inspired by the ipsy August 2015 bag. To do these I used: Zoya WillaZoya Purity, Fresh Perspective from M Polish, stamping plate GA1 from Gals, stamping plate BP73 from, 2mm neon studs from, striped vinyls from Vino Vinyls, Creative Shop stamper/scraper, and Clearly On Top topcoat from KB Shimmer.

Zoya Purity
Zoya Purity

To start I laid down 1 coat of Zoya’s Purity on all my nails.


Zoya's Purity stamped with Zoya's Willa
Zoya’s Purity stamped with Zoya’s Willa

Next I stamped over Purity using Zoya’s Willa and stamping plate GA1 by Gals.


Double stamped with M Polish's Fresh Perspective
Double stamped with M Polish’s Fresh Perspective

After that had dried a bit, I went in a double stamped some roses on top using Fresh Perspective from M Polish and stamping plate BP73 from I topcoated after this step with KB Shimmer’s Clearly On Top and let dry for a good 10 minutes.


Next I used thick stripe decals on the center of both my ring and middle fingers, then painting the interior part with Zoya’s Willa. I immediately removed the vinyl then let dry just a bit before topcoating once more.


Before the topcoat has a chance to dry I went in and added a line of the neon studs from bornprettystore along the black line. At this point I topcoated again and had no lost studs over the next 2 days before I removed to paint again.

Finished mani in natural indirect light
Finished mani in natural indirect light
Finished mani in natural indirect light
Finished mani in natural indirect light

So thats it for today, thanks so much for reading along and look forward to some mermaid nail art coming soon!

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