Nailart | #31DC2015 Day 3 and 4, Yellow and Green

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Hey guys! I am totally cheating today and combining days 3 and 4 of #31DC2015 so I can catch up! Lets jump right in!

Harvest by Shinespark Polish
Harvest by Shinespark Polish

I began with 2 easy coats of Shinespark Polish’s Harvest topped with 1 coat of Flash Dry from Bohemian Polish.


Next I used Get Lost and Elizabethan stamping polish from M Polish and stamping plate 311 from Winstonia. I applied Elizabethan on the pinecone/pineapple images on the upper right side of the plate, and then applied Get Lost all around them.


Then I scraped downward firmly with one scrape using my scraper from Then I rolled upwards with my creative shop stamper, then brought my finger into the stamp and rolled. I had enough stamp left over to double stamp using one scrape! Once I had all my fingers stamped I went over them once more with Flash Dry from Bohemian Polish!


And then, as sacrilegious as it is to matte a holographic polish, I matted them!


So thats it for today, stay tuned for #31DC2015 Day 5 tomorrow!

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