Nailart | #31DC2015 Day 10, Gradient

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Alright guys, this one may be a little out there…but I have been dying to do Ciroc inspired gradient nails! Every time I see that little debossed rooster on the lid my heart aches to see if it will stamp (spoiler alert, it totally does!!)


To start I painted my tips with the OG version of Pacific Blue by Sally Hansen. I think went back on the very tips and added in some Incognito In Sausalito by OPI. Next I took a makeup sponge and applied a gradient of I.I.S. and Pacific Blue and added some clear coat to the very top. I wanted the gradient on my nails to go from clear at my cuticle to dark dark blue at the bottom, reminiscent of the vodka bottle.


I pounced the sponge on my nail and reloaded 3 times before I got almost the smoothness that I wanted and then immediately topcoated with Flash Dry by Bohemian Polish.  Next I applied some I’d Melt For You by China Glaze directly on to the image on the lid, scraped downward firmly and rolled upwards with my Creative Shop stamper and this is how it picked up:


Next I brought my middle fingernail into the stamp and rolled the image onto my nail. I then topcoated once more with Flash dry and this is the finished result:




I do so love that little rooster! I wish my gradient had come out a little smoother but really I’m just so excited to have another stamp added to my collection lol! Thanks so much for reading along yall and stay tuned for day 11 tomorrow!

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