Nailart | Pink Ribbon Mani for PolishHaven

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Today I have a very special post about a collaboration I was recently a part of in support of Polish.Haven‘s upcoming Avon walk in honor of her late best friend, Annette hosted by @polished_ink! Some of the other awesome people involved in the collab are: @theweekendpolisher@luvbboop23@nacoles_nails@littlemanimaid,







and @thepolishedperspective so head over and check out the nailart they did!

Here is my solo from the collab:


I started with 2 coats of Mod About You from OPI which is a beautifuuly creamy light pink. I topcoated all of my nails with Flash Dry from Bohemian Polish.

2 coats of Mod About You, topcoated with Flash Dry
2 coats of Mod About You, topcoated with Flash Dry

Then I went in with I Snow You Love Me by OPI, a makeup sponge, and my rhinestone tool from for some glitter placement.


I painted a swatch of I Snow You Love me on the makeup song to absorb some of the base and then used the rhinestone tool to pick up individual glitters off of the sponge and then applied them directly to my nail. I began in the center of my nail near my cuticle and then overlapped each piece of glitter to make an awareness ribbon shape. Once I had the shape completed I then dabbed on some Ballerina Bunny by Shinespark Polish over the glitters to make a hot pink jelly effect! I then let that dry for just a second (not long enough really since I got some smears lol!) and then topcoated once more with Flash Dry. This is my final result:




So that’s it for today, I’m sending big big hugs and love to Rebekah as she gets ready to kick butt on her Avon walk! Stay tuned and I’ll have my #31dc2015 day 10 challenge mani up soon!

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