Nailart | #31DC2015 Day 12, Stripes

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Hey guys! Today I have day 12 of the 31 days of color challenge being hosted by Chalkboard Nails (stripes) plus day 12 of PushYourMani (graffiti.) I was inspured from this photo from


I began with 2 coats of Purity by Zoya and topcoated with Flash Dry from Bohemian Polish. Then I used some stripe vinyls from Virtuous Polish and put 3-4 stripes per nail. I then used Rooney by Zoya and did a dry brushing technique over the stripe vinyls. I removed all the pieces of vinyl and topcoated with Flash Dry once more for this look:



I really like the distressed stripes and am looking forward to repeating this technique! Next I added some flash dry to 2 of the nail shapes on my Uber Mat and waited for it to dry. Once it was completely cured I went in with black acrylic paint and a small detail brush and tried my hand at freehanding the wing/heart shape. I didn’t exactly get what I was looking for and I’m literally the worst at getting things symmetrical but it was awesome fun and great practice! Once the decals had dried I peeled them up from my mat and applied a coat of topcoat to my nails once more. I then stuck the decal to my nail and patted it flat, then went in with 100% acetone and a cleanup brush to cleanup the excess! At this point I went back in with my detail brush and added some small black splatters to make it look more like graffiti. I topcoated once more with Flash dry and this is the finished result:


This was so much fun, thanks so much for reading along today and stay tuned for day 13 tomorrow!

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