Nailart | #31DC2015 Day 13, Animal Parrot Mani

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Hey guys! For day 13 of the 31 days of color challenge being hosted by Chalkboard Nails prompt of “animals” I decided to go with a parrot theme! There’s a little bit of freehand involved but not much, I’ll walk you through how I did these.


I started by laying down a coat of Flash Dry by Bohemian Polish on to the nail outlines on my Uber Mat, this is going to help the decals lift off so much easier! Once that has dried I went in with a line of America by Zoya, followed by “Light of Day” and “High Roller” by Pipe Dream Polish and then finishing it off with Robyn by Zoya! In each stripe I added a fair amount of color.


Next I took my rhinestone tool from and began dragging from the tip towards the cuticle area to make feather like shapes in the polish. I did about 4 upwards drag per nail. The next step is to let the polish completely dry before peeling it up to use as a decal.




I went ahead and laid down a base of 1 coat of Purity by Zoya to make the colors a little more vibrant and also to hide any drag marks that went all the way through the parrot decals. I laid down a quick coat of Flash Dry on top of my white base for the decal to adhere to, then peeled up the decal and placed it on my nail before patting it down into place. At this point I went in with acetone and a cleanup brush and cleaned up all the excess decal. I topcoated once more with Flash Dry.


This is a really cool stopping point if you aren’t going for full on obvious parrot theme lol! I went ahead an went in with a small detail brush and white acrylic paint to add in some more dramatic feather details. At this point I topcoated for a final time.


For my thumb aka the parrot’s face I laid down 1 easy coat of Zoya’s America and then added in the white detail for the face using white acrylic paint and added in some black acrylic paint on the underside of the beak and for the eye. I topcoated with Flash Dry and that was it!



So thats it for today, thanks so much for reading along and stay tuned for day 14 tomorrow!


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