Nailart | #31DC2015 Day 15, Delicate Print: Spiderweb Nails



Hey you guys! For today’s prompt of “delicate print” for the 31 days of color challenge I may be coloring outside the lines a bit! I felt inspired this morning when while waiting on the bus with my kids we realized that we had a new visitor. Not this cute dainty web above that I found next to my chicken coop this morning….I’m talking about (spider warning)…

Our new banana spider, Bert

This humongous banana spider that has decided to take up residence at the end of our driveway! Now I’m not a huge spider lover but I hate bugs even more so I’m hoping this turns out to be a win/win for us lol! He was busily working away on his web this morning and it made me realize how deceptive webs are in that even though it seems delicate and I could easily tear it down, I’m sure his web is going to catch all kinds of ridiculous large bugs just from the sheer number of strands he has woven. It gave me a little bit of perspective way too early in the a.m. and I kind of can’t wait to see his catches lol!

1 coat of Zoya Willa
1 coat of Zoya Willa

For today’s look I started with 2 coats of Willa by Zoya. Once that had had a chance to dry I went in with a silver web nail sticker from this sheet available from (item #17408.) These were sent to me to review back in my very first package from BornPrettyStore! The only issue I really have with these stickers are that they are incredibly hard to peel off without tearing the decal a bit! The adhesive is very tacky but that means they stick down pretty well too. I went around the excess of the sticker and cut it off using embroidery scissors and filed it the rest of the way down to match up better with my natural nail.

Web sticker from item #17408 from
Web sticker from item #17408 from

Next I added some Flash Dry topcoat from Bohemian Polish and before it had a chance to dry I used some tweezers to added on one of these ridiculously cute spider charms in red from (item #16740.)

These were purchased by me, item #16740 in option red
These were purchased by me, item #16740 in option red

If you’d like these charms to have more staying power you could always apply them with nail glue or a stronger adhesive, I’m on to day 16 tomorrow so topcoat sufficed for me! Here is the finished look:




So that wraps up day 15, if you’d like any of these items from you can use my coupon code “JFGK31” for 10% off all nonsale items and stay tuned for day 16 tomorrow!

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