Nailart | #31DC2015 Day 17, Glitter: Fall Glitter Gradient



Hey guys! I’m just going to jump right into this super easy glitter gradient mani for day 17 of the 31 days of color challenge being hosted by Chalkboard Nails! I just got my ipsy bag this month so if you read my review on that you’ll know how much I am absolutely digging the polish I got, Ignite by Formula X. It seemed a shame to waste the swatch I did earlier with it so I decided to do my glitter prompt right over it!

Ignite by Formula X mini
Ignite by Formula X mini

for this look I did 2 easy coats of Ignite, it dried down super glossy so I skipped my usually coat of topcoat for this step. Next I took a makeup sponge and Smaug’s Breath from SimplyBeautiful1973 (I don’t believe this polish is available at this time) and painted a bit onto the sponge to help absorb some of the base. Next I folded up my sponge a bit to minimize the cleanup that would need to be done and dabbed it near my cuticle area I only had to do one pass, then I used my rhinestone tool to help pick up individual pieces of glitter off the sponge for a little bit of glitter placement training down my nails. I then topcoated with Flash Dry by Bohemian Poish and that’s all there was to it! I won’t be doing a YouTube tutorial for this look since it’s so simple but I will link my 15 second Instagram tutorial once it is up.


So that’s it for day 17, thanks so much for reading along and stay tuned for day 18 tomorrow!

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