Nailart | #31DC2015 Day 26, Pattern: Arrow Nails

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Hey guys! Today I have a super simple pattern for day 26 of the 31 days of color challenge. I was inspired by this photo from

Image property of
Image property of

I began with 2 easy coats of Zoya Sage from the satin line.

2 coats of Sage, no topcoat
2 coats of Sage, no topcoat

Next I took a striping brush and white acrylic paint and made vertical lines down the length of all of my nails.


Next I used the tip of my striping brush and feather out the “quills” of the arrows.



I topcoated with a matte topcoat and that’s all there is to it! Very simple and even if it gets a bit messy it lends a sort of sketched tribal feel to it that I’m digging! Thanks so much for reading along and stay tuned for Day 27, artwork prompt coming soon!

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