NailArt | #31DC2015 Day 29, Supernatural: Werewolf Nails



Hey guys! I had so much trouble picking an idea to do for today’s 31 day of color challenge prompt of supernatural! I had to sit down and plan out which challenges I’ll be doing in October to make sure I don’t have too many repeats since I want to fit in as many as humanly possible. I’m kind of completely in love with these though and wouldn’t mind repeating them in the future!

Dozen Roses by Icing, 1 coat
Dozen Roses by Icing, 1 coat

I began with 1 incredibly easy coat of Dozen Roses from Icing by Claire. This is a bit of a jelly red cream with an amazing formula, I don’t see it available on their website anymore but it may still be available in store! Their Gelogic line has an amazingly thick brush, I could *almost* get away with one swipe down the center of my nail.

Dry brushing with Size Matters by Essie
Dry brushing with Size Matters by Essie

Next I did a little bit of dry brushing with Size Matters from Essie’s Winter 2011 collection, it didn’t make a very vibrant difference and I could have probably completely skipped this step but I wanted to add in a little texture onto the red base. I then topcoated with the Flash Dry topcoat that was sent to me by Bohemian Polish!

Hehe plate
Hehe plate 028 and M Polish Pekin

Next I used Hehe plate 028 and Pekin from M polish and stamped on some subtle white plaid using my creative shop stamper. I stamped the same image across all of my nails and this was the result:

M Polish Pekin plaid stamp
M Polish Pekin plaid stamp

On top of this I double stamped with Willa from Zoya and Hehe stamping plate 026.

Hehe stamping plate
Hehe stamping plate 026 and Zoya’s Willa

This is how the double stamping turned out! The hardest part is making sure to keep all of the lines straight.

Double stamping with Zoya Willa
Double stamping with Zoya Willa

I really enjoyed just the plaid base and wouldn’t have minded stopping at this point. I topcoated once more with Flash Dry and waited just a bit before going in with acrylics. Once the topcoat had fully cured I mixed some black and white acrylic paint to make a light grey shade and used a small detail brush to add a small v near my cuticle area on my ring finger. I did 2 coats of the grey acrylic to get it nice and opage then went in with both black and white to add in some fur detail, as well as lapel, shirt, and button details! I wish I had added in a little pocket for him but maybe next time! IMG_7755

I wanted the flannel to feel nice and cozy so I went over it with Matte Me Crazy by NYC. This is the final result:

Werewolf Nails
Werewolf Nails
Werewolf Macro
Werewolf Macro

So that’s all I have for today, what are some designs you are most looking forward to doing this Halloween/Fall season? Thanks so much for reading along and stay tuned for day 30 tomorrow!


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