Nailart | Orange Tribal Nails ft.

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Hey guys! Today I have a super easy tutorial using Can’t A-Fjord Not To by O.P.I. and tribal water decals sent to me for review by (item #21536 in option 250.)

press sample

Can't A-Fjord Not To at 2 coats with topcoat
Can’t A-Fjord Not To at 2 coats with topcoat

First I began with 2 easy coats of Can’t A-Fjord Not To by O.P.I. and topcoated with Clearly On Top from KB Shimmer.

Item #21536 from BPS, option 250
Item #21536 from BPS, option 250

Next I isolated which decals I would like to use for this look and cut them out. I did leave the clear film attached while I cut but these are not tacky feeling (like a temporary tattoo would be) so I don’t feel like its necessary. Once I had my decals cut out, I chose the larger decals near the top and some of the smaller blue diamond shapes, I dipped them in a small cup filled with tap water. I used tweezers to hold the paper until they were ready to slide off but you could also just let them lose. You’ll know the decal is ready to use when it easily slips off the backing! Once they were nice and slippery I used my tweezers to pull them free from the paper and place them on my nail. I then did my best to center them and blotted with a cotton ball. Cleanup is really easy with acetone and a cleanup brush, the excess decal melts away. I then topcoated once more and this is the finished result:



If you’d like your own set of decals or anything else from you may use my coupon code of JFGK31 for 10% off all nonsale items! Thanks so much for reading along y’all and stay tuned for more nail art and swatches!

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