Nailart | Sugar Skull Dias De Los Muertos Nails



Hey guys! Today I have these sugar skull/ Dia De Las Muertos inspired nails for the floral prompt of the bootifulnails challenge!

Zoya Willa
Zoya Willa

First I laid down one easy coat of Zoya Willa, above picture is shown at 2 coats. I then used white acrylic paint and a small detail brush and outlined where I’d like the face and roses to be.

White outlines
White outlines

Next I used Naomi by Virtuous Polish and outlined here eyes, a rose in her hair, and roses on my other nails. I then went in with white and black acrylic paint (a few times) and added in the other details! I topcoated with Clearly On Top by Kb Shimmer. Finished look:


And matte:




Thanks so much for reading along and stay tuned for tomorrow’s nail look!

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