Nailart | Golden Matte Gradient Mani ft Bornprettystore



Hey guys! Today I have a pretty interesting mani to share with you featuring item #21822 in option 1332 sent to me for review from

Zoya Sue topcoated with Armor at 3 coats

I used Zoya Sue for my base, Sue is completely opaque in 3 coats for me. If you’d like the finished result to be matte a great way to do that is to apply the glitter powder while your last coat of polish is still wet.

An upclose view of the matte glitter, item #21822

To apply the glitter gradient to my nail I placed my wet nail over the glitter bottle and used a fan brush to dip in and lift a small amount of glitter out. I then lightly dusted the glitter up towards my cuticle area and used the fan brush to brush off the excess in a downwards motion. This glitter has a texture that is almost exactly like sand, it is also very matte and has hardly any shimmer in it. I did enjoy how subtle the gradient is before adding a topcoat!

Finished matte macro

Here is a quick look at how full nail coverage looks with this glitter powder, it gave my nails an almost flocked look:

Full coverage matte glitter nails

I did go a step further and used my Flash Dry quick dry topcoat from Bohemian Polish. I did not love it for this time of year. With a topcoat the glitter takes on the exact look of sand and would make a great base for some awesome beach nails! I did have to use 2 coats of topcoat to get it nice and smoothed out. Here is the finished result:

Finished glitter gradient with topcoat
Finished macro with topcoat

You may use my coupon code, JFGK31 for 10% off all nonsale items from and stay tuned for more swatches and nail art coming soon!

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