NailArt | Love Collab for @theweekendpolisher

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Today I have a very special collaboration to share with you guys! I am so lucky to be a part of such an awesome group of supportive ladies, this time we are rallying behind one of our own that is leaving soon for some pretty intensive training for the Navy. Keeyoh we love you so much and you will be very missed! Thank you so much for your service and we will be here when you get home safe and sound!


This was my entry for the collaboration! I went with a traditional sailor tattoo design, even though I put my rooster on the wrong side lol! Pigs and chickens were known to survive shipwrecks so it became a type of protective tattoo that some sailors get on their legs and feet to bring them home safe and sound. Roosters are typically seen on the right side because “a rooster on the right, you’ll never lose a fight!” These are done on a base of Zoya Purity using red, white, orange, black, and yellow acrylic paints and a small detail brush, then framed in using M Polish Guilded.


Have you ever seen such a regal beast??
Excuse my pig
With Flash Dry topcoat

Thank you so much for reading along, be sure to head over and give Keeyoh love, and a big thank you to Megatuce for organizing!


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