Nailart | Mercury Glass Nail Tutorial



Hey guys! Today I have a super fast and easy (if messy) technique for mercury glass inspired nails! I began by applying Easy Peel latex nail barrier around my cuticles and 1 easy coat of No Place Like Chrome by Essie. If you have the super awesome Mirror Chrome polish from that may be a better option, No Place Like Chrome is a little more frosted and can come out a little on the “brush-strokey” side.


Next I used Zoya’s April from the new Whisper’s collection and a small fan brush and added random dots and gentle drags on each nail to give the sort of see through effect that mercury glass tends to have.


Next I used a splatter technique from FatiMattiDesigns to add small, well defined black spots using acrylic pint and an old toothbrush. This is where the latex barrier comes into play a bit but acrylic is super easy to cleanup with water! I found that the spray tends to come from the tip as opposed to the surface of the toothbrush for a little more control with aim.


After allowing the acrylic paint to dry for just a minute I topcoated with Flash Dry from Bohemian Polish, removed the latex, and washed my hands. This is the final result:


What do you think, does the finished mani remind you of mercury glass?



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