NailArt | Deco Miami #Slay Stamped Mani

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Hey guys! Today I have a really simple stamped mani featuring #Slay and Apricot Delight by Mpolish.

#Slay by Deco Miami at 2 coats under artificial lighting

I began by laying down a base color of #Slay. It took 2 easy coats to be completely opaque and had an average amount of drying time. I found the stem to be easy to hold and use even though it is a bit on the shorter side.

image stamper

Next I used this silver stamper (item #21123) sent to me for review and stamping plate BP-L010 along with m polishes Apricot Delight to add in the Aztec design diamond. I found the stamped to have a nice heft to it and it stamped wonderfully once I washed it with some Dawn dish soap! It isn’t a sticky stamper by any means and it is on the softer side. The stamping head is remove able, the only thing I disliked about this stamper is that it is hard to store. When I laid it on my desk it tended to roll off and it can’t stand on its own on either end. It did fit nicely in my hand! Once I stamped the diamon I went in with a dotting tool and more Apricot Delight and added a dot on each side of the diamond. I then topped it off with Flash Dry from Bohemian Polish!

Finished macro under artificial lighting



At an angle

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