NailArt | Red and Black Lace Nails ft. Bornprettystore

Red and black lace nails in direct sunlight



Hi guys! Today I have a super easy lace look using nail stickers sent to me for review from These would make a fab look for Valentine’s Day!

Zoya Blaze at 2 coats in artificial lighting

I began by laying down a base coat of Zoya Blaze in 2 coats. Blaze is a gorgeous deep mulberry red with a ton of micro holographic glitter running throughout.

Item #20032 in option 1

Next I got an approximate size of my nails and cut out a portion of the nail stickers (item #20032 in option 1) by placing the sheet over my nails and trimming down with scissors. I then used a pair of tweezers to pry off the sticker before placing it on my nails and smoothing flat with my fingers. It does take a bit of finessing to get the decals to lay out smooth, especially the larger pieces. Once I had everything in place I top coated with Flash Dry topcoat. On m ring nail I did end up doing 3 coats of topcoat to get everything to lay nice and flush. I had absolutely no peeling up and they wore great!

Mani in direct sunlight
Ring nail macro in artificial lighting
Macro in artificial lighting
Finished mani at an angle in artificial lighting

To complete a full mani like I’ve shown here you will need to pick up 2 sheets of stickers to have enough of the small decals, please use my coupon code JFGK31 for 10% off all no sale purchases from!



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