14 Days Of Valentine’s | Day 1 – Roses and Tea



Hey guys! Today I have my first look of (hopefully) 14 days of Valentine’s being hosted by PolishGalore! Some really great blogs are in board so definitely check out the inLinkz link near the bottom of this post!



I began by applying a base of one coat of Zoya Purity to each of my nails. Next I cut a strip of floral water decal (item #20320 sent to me for review from Bornprettystore.com) down to the size of my nail. I next peeled the protective plastic from the image and dunked it into water. Once the decals began to slide off of the paper backing I gently slid it onto my middle and ring finger nails. These are super easy to reposition while they are still wet! Once it was placed in the correct position I absorbed the excess water using a cotton ball. This really locks the decal into place! I then used a cleanup brush and 100% acetone to melt away the extra decal and top coated as I would a normal polish.


I placed a gold diamond stud in to my ring nail while the topcoat was still tacky. I originally intended to leave my pointer and pinky nails white but I decided to add a splash of color using Zoya Rooney. Once I had the base down I went in with a small detail brush and NYE by Icing to add in a champagne gold border around the edge of my nail, this portion of the look was inspired by @darkartsandcrafts, her nail art is absolutely amazing and if you are in to all things edgy you should definitely check her out! Once I had the gold frame done I topcoated once more with Bhoemian Polish’s Flash Dry quick dry topcoat and this is the finished result:





These water decals perfectly match a tea set my mother gave me for Christmas! 

To check out the awesome looks from some of my favorite blogs follow this link –

And stay tuned for more coming soon!

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