14 Days of Valentine’s | Day 3 – Sassy Kisses





Hi guys! Today I have a simple free hand look that is a super way to show off your edgy side this Valentine’s Day! This is my day 3 of 14 days of Valentine’s, be sure to follow the link at the end to check out all the other fabulous entries for day 3 from some of my favorite blogger!

Bohemian Polish’s Love Potion No. 9 3/4 at 2 coats in artificial lighting.

I began by laying down a base of 2 coats of Bohemian Polish’s Love Potion No. 9 3/4 from the Harry Potter collection that was released Fall of 2015.

I then used black acrylic paint and a small detail brush to make a black kissy lip on my ring nail. Using close parallel lines I just feathered out a lip shape until it was almost completely opaque. I love hand painting as opposed to stamping kiss image like this because I feel like they are super hard to mess up and hand painting allows for a better fit to the nail. I then used my small detail brush and black acrylic paint to add black ruffians to the cuticle area on each of my other nails. Once I had that nice and opaque I wen back in with a little bit of Zoya Dahlia to add in some shine! I locked everything in with Bohemian Polish’s Flash Dry and this is the finished look:





To check out what looks some of my favorite bloggers did for day 3, follow this blue frog!

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