14 Days of Valentine’s | Day 4 – Rose Gold Glitter Gradient




Hi guys! Today I have a rose gold glitter gradient for day 4 of the 14 days of Valentine’s being hosted by Polish Galore! Today is another look featuring a main stream polish, A Cut Above from the luxeffects line by Essie. I began by laying down a base of Zoya Purity on all nails save my ring nail. While waiting on that to dry I painted on some Sexy Cuticles latex barrier from MDJ Creations around my cuticles. Next I added one coat of A Cut Above on my ring nail. It isn’t super opaque so I used a sponge to dab it on until completely opaque. On my other nails I used a sponge to apply a gradient of A Cut Above. I removed the liquid latex and topcoated with Clearly On Top from KB Shimmer. This is the finished result:




To check out all the other awesome looks from some of my favorite bloggers, follow the blue frog link and stay tuned for more!

12 comments on “14 Days of Valentine’s | Day 4 – Rose Gold Glitter Gradient”

  1. I absolutely love the look at the tips of your nails. I haven’t been able to master this technique (as silly as that sounds) but every time I see it done, I fall in love with it!


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