14 Days of Valentine’s | Day 7 – Louboutin Nails



Hey guys! I’m back today for day 7 of the 14 days of Valentine’s. I’m not a super girly girl so I have struggled a bit when trying to decide what type of Valentine’s Day looks to do for the upcoming days, I can only do hearts and kisses so many ways. I decided to take the next few days and showcase manicures inspired by things I would totally love to get for Valentine’s Day. Let’s start with my number one need:

Rouge Louboutin Polish, not my photo

Rouge Louboutin  has been on my wish list for so long! I know there are polish dupes out there that may even preform better but I just can’t shake this lust! It’s not even a status thing, that bottles just rubs me all wrong and then rubs me all right and a girl has needs! Here is my take on a Louboutin mani featuring Zoya Willa and America.

I began by trying to lay down a liquid latex on the underside of my nail. Lets be honest, as much as I love this look I probably wont wear it longer than a day and I’m not looking forward to cleaning all the red out from under my nail. That being said I don’t feel like the latex really preformed well for this and I preferred to just clean up with acetone and a clean up brush. I did 2 coats of Willa on the top side of my nail and 1 coat of America on the underside, then topcoated it all with Zoya’s Glossy Seal! Here is the finished look:





Be sure to follow the blue frog link to see what some of my favorite bloggers did for day 7 and come back tomorrow to see the next item of inspiration on my wish list!

12 comments on “14 Days of Valentine’s | Day 7 – Louboutin Nails”

  1. I have the Louboutin polish and let me tell you, it’s amazing. It’s one coat and lasts forever! I’ve found color dupes, but none with the stunning formula.


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