NailArt | Maniswap with @Rocket.mani

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Hi guys! Today I’m skipping out on day 6 of the 14 Days of Valentine’s to share my maniswap I recently got to do with @rocket.mani! She totally rocked my mermaid look, she’s so crazy talented so definitely head over and check out her page



Items I used for this look:

Heartbreaker by Smoky Mountain Lacquers, Cayuga by M Polish, thin detail brush and Pueen stamping plate SE02B
Heartbreaker at 2 coats in artificial lighting

First I began by laying down a base color of Heartbreaker by Smoky Mountain Lacquer, if you love this special edition polish as much as I do hurry over and pick it up before it disappears!

Next I used Cayuga from M Polish and stamping plate SE02B from Pueen to stamp on the black roses on my ring nail. I used a small detail brush and acrylic paint to add in the v french tip to my other nails. It kind of soothes my need to have pointy nails again! I then topcoated with Flash Dry by Bohemian Polish. Here is the finished look:

At an angle in artificial lighting
At an angle in direct sunlight
V french macro under artificial lighting
Rose macro in artificial lighting

So that’s all for today, I’ll be back for day 7 of Valentine’s tomorrow!

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