14 Days Of Valentine’s – Day 10 – Holo Watermarble



Hey guys! I’m back for day 10 of the 14 Days of Valentine’s! I went back and forth on what inspired these pink and silver holographic “watermarble” nails. I lined up the rings from stamping plate BM-XL210 from Sloteazzy’s collab with Bundlemonster to look almost like flowers but it didn’t translate well in the final images. So I’m going to go with these being inspired by another Valentine’s wish for me since these polishes are such a dream to work with, I would love to be given the gift of sleeping in!

Frost in direct sunlight at 2 coats with topcoat

I began by laying down a base color of Frost by Love, Angeline. I then used the large petal watermarble image from Sloteazzy’s stamping plate and mpolishes To Have and To Holo. I then topcoated it all with Zoya’s Glossy Seal. This is the finished look:

In direct sunlight at an angle
In indirect natural lighting
Macro in artificial lighting

So that’s it for today, follow the blue frog link below to check out all the other amazing looks from day 10 from some of my favorite blogger!

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