Swatches | le polish St. Patrick’s Day Duo



Hi guys! Today I have the 2016 St. Patrick’s Day Duo coming from le polish. These were provided to me in the mini 7.5 mL size for swatch and review and will be available February 26th at noon EST. These were inspired by the Dropkick Murphey song, “Kiss Me, I’m Shitfaced.”


Kiss Me at 1 coat with no topcoat

The first polish of this collection is Kiss Me, a medium green creme with pink shimmer. This one has a bit of a thicker formula but was very easy to work with and self leveled beautifully! It did dry down to a semi matte finish, the shimmer is a bit more pronounced once topcoated but I had a hard time capturing the pink flash.

Kiss me at 1 coat with no topcoat at an angle under artificial lighting.
Kiss Me macro in artificial lighting with no topcoat
Kiss Me at 1 coat with topcoat in direct sunlight
Kiss Me at 1 coat with topcoat at an angle in direct sunlight
Kiss Me macro topcoat in artificial lighting.



I’m Shi-Irish at 2 coat with topcoat under artificial lighting.

Next up is I’m Shi-Irish, a green jelly base with green and gold holo glitter. This is a gorgeously glitter packed jelly that is opaque at 2 coats. I do recommend a topcoat on this one to smooth out the finish a bit and bring out all of that delicious sparkle!

I’m Shi-Irish at 2 coats with topcoat at an angle in artificial lighting
I’m Shi-Irish macro under artificial lighting


I’m Shi-Irish with matte topcoat under artificial lighting.



Kiss Me topped with I’m Shi-Irish with topcoat under artificial lighting

And because they look so gorgeous together, here is a quick look at how awesome I’m Shi-Irish looks over Kiss Me!

I’m Shi-Irish over Kiss Me in direct sunlight at an angle
I’m Shi-Irish over Kiss Me macro


A full size duo will retail for $19 or $10 each and a mini duo will be $11 or $6 each. Check out le polish’s social media here:

IG: @lepolish
Pinterest: @le5272

16 comments on “Swatches | le polish St. Patrick’s Day Duo”

  1. I’m Irish is totally awesome. Call me densw but what’s with the crosses out Shi in the name? I bet I’ll face palm when I find out…


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