NailArt | Shinespark Polishversary Collab




Hey guys! Today I have some super easy stamped smooshy nails to celebrate Shinespark Polish’s 1 year anniversary! To do these I laid down a white base (Zoya Purity.) Once that was dried I added small blobs of each color in the 80’s Neon Collection before gently smooshing down using a ziploc baggy. I then cleaned up the edges using acetone and a cleanup brush. This is the result:



Next I used M Polishes Cayuga and stamping plate bpl003 from and stamped the black image on.




If you’d like your own set of neons head over to now and use coupon code 1year for 35% off your purchase!

14 comments on “NailArt | Shinespark Polishversary Collab”

  1. Wow! I love the stamped design over this base! I’ve been meaning to do something like this with pastels, but just never got around to it.


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