NailArt | #Doomfireday Stamped Fire Ombre Nails

Stamped Doomfire Nails with topcoat in indirect natural lighting

Hey guys! Today I have this hot look to celebrate Doomfire Nail Day! Today is the last day to order this custom so head over to The X Army Baroness X facebook group and see if it is still available!

2 coats of Doomfire over Zoya Willa

To begin this look I laid down a base of Zoya Willa. I then added 2 coats of Doomfire. The shift in Doomfire over darker colors is memorizing!

Doomfire over Willa at an angle in artificial lighting
A better view at the red to green shift
Doomfire over Willa macro in artificial lighting.

Here is a quick view at how Doomfire swatches on it’s own, it is opaque at around 4 coats. Super gorgeous, but you may be able to save yourself some time and reach almost the same effect by using a purple base color.

Doomfire at 4 coats under artificial lighting

I also did a quick swatch over China Glaze’s Flying Dragon. It gave it a sparkly jelly feel but I found it did dull the green shift a bit.

Doomfire over China Glaze Flying Dragon macro under artificial lighting

Next I used stamping plate xiuyu-002 which I found is a knock off of Moyou plate Fairytale plate 03. I for sure recommend picking up the original Moyou plate, this one’s etching is a bit shallow and I would much rather support the original artist! I used M Polishes Cayuga to stamp with.

Stamped mani before topcoat
Stamped mani at an angle before topcoat
stamped macro in artificial lighting

So that’s all I have today, it you are interested in this polish hurry over and join the facebook group! Thanks so much for reading along and Happy Doomfire Day! Follow the blue frog link below to check out some more awesome looks featuring Doomfire by some of my favorite bloggers.

18 comments on “NailArt | #Doomfireday Stamped Fire Ombre Nails”

  1. All the Doomfire all the time. 😀 This nail art is life. I’m not worthy! ❤ 🙂 Doomsday isn't complete without Doomfire flames.


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