7 Days of Green | Day 1 -Honeydew by Fresh Paint



Hi guys! Today I am kicking off a blog prompt that I am doing with some amazing ladies featuring 7 days of green! Some of us are doing nail art looks in preparation for St. Patrick’s Day and I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to share 7 of my most favorite green polishes of all time. These are in no particular order, and I will jump right into my swatch for day 1!

Honeydew by Fresh Paint at 2 coats no topcoat under artificial lighting.

This is Honeydew by Fresh Paint! If you are looking for a bright, in your face green this one is a winner! It is only available at 5 Below so if you have one of those near you you have seriously hit the jackpot. Their polishes retail for 3 for $5 so they are super affordable and the formula on this one is amazing. Honeydew is opaque in 2 coats although with careful application you may be able to scrape by with 1. My label is a little bit wonky for some reason. Shown here without topcoat:

Honeydew at 2 coats at an angle under artificial lighting
Honeydew macro under artificial lighting

So that rounds out my review for today, check back in tomorrow and I will be featuring another of my favorite greens and in the meantime you can follow the blue frog link below to check out the looks some of my favorite bloggers are sharing!

25 comments on “7 Days of Green | Day 1 -Honeydew by Fresh Paint”

  1. There’s Five Below in Orlando somewhere and I’ve never been. It’s like an hour away cause of traffic. I should check it out the next time we head down there.


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