Nailart | In Support of the Sabine Flood Victims



If any of you don’t know by my incredibly thick (and most times, embarrassing) Southern drawl, I hail from the deep back woods in Texas. I grew up with a creek in my backyard with no neighbors in sight and spent all of my summers running down our dirt road to play on the river. A tall, dark, and handsome boy caught my eye when I was just turning 15 and it turned out he lived right off of the same river about a days travel down, as the tube floats. From that point on we grew up together and he ended up proposing to me in a sweet little house full of love right on that river. We got married, moved off, got pregnant, and moved back to a small little shack of a house right on that river. We welcomed our first baby home right on that river. Now that same river that has been such a large part of our lives has overflowed it’s banks creating a historic man made flood event in my small hometown and it breaks my heart that there isn’t anything I can do to stop it for them or any of the other victims along the Texas and Louisiana border. This record breaking flood will exceed the record dating back to 1884. So many people have lost and will lose everything within the next few days – my father and my childhood home, my father-in-law, aunt, uncle, and friends included. 100% of homes within Deweyville city limits are predicted to be inundated. So, feeling as helpless as I do I am doing the only thing I can do and sit around and paint my nails until the time comes to help cleanup. Thoughts and love for all of those affected by the Sabine river flood of 2016.

I know these kind of look like a 5th grades social studies report, but bear with me. States are hard, y’all! I started with a base of Zoya Purity on all of my nails. Next, after practicing drawing them a ton of times (see next photo.)


I painted a Texas outline on my middle finger and a Louisiana outline on my ring finger using Zoya America.


Next I went in with black acrylic paint and drew a heart outline around both states. Red, white, and black are Deweyville’s school colors so I thought it was fitting. Then I topped it all with a quick dry topcoat. Here’s to hoping the town dries up quickly as well!


If you’d like to help there is a amazon wishlist here for first responders immediate needs. They are asking any donated items to be shipped to the high school at:

171 HIGHWAY 12
ORANGE, TX 77632-2724

A gofundme has been setup by the Deweyville Elementary PTO here


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