Nailart | Linear Water Marble Ft. the Exotic Collection by Doctor Lacquer

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Hi Guys! Today I have a linear water marble design to share that I did using all 5 shades of the Exotic Collection releasing March 26th at 12 EST. These polishes were sent to me in exchange for review. If you are interest I have a full swatch and review of the collection available here.

PicMonkey CollageDL
From L to R: Duku,  Mamey, Makopa, Caimito, and Feijoa

I began by taking my tiny teacup (you can also use the shot glass sized disposable dixie cups or any other small container) and filling it with room temperature bottled water. I made sure my teacup was clean of dust and debris and that all of the fans in my polish room were turned off. I laid down a base coat of Zoya’s Purity and covering my cuticle are all the way to the tip of my finger with liquid latex (my favorite is Sexy Cuticles from MDJ Creations.)  I am by no means an expert at water marbling but there spread out for me pretty well! I began by practicing with a swirl pattern, this is one of my favorite all time water marbling patterns but I wanted to try something new for today!

Swirl watermarble featuring the Exotic collection from Doctor Lacquer

I was able to do my first linear watermarble using these! To begin I slowly added one drop of each color into my cup.


Keep adding drops of nail polish to create a bulls-eye shape or until your rings stop spreading.


At this point you can “anchor” your water marble to the side of your cup using your dragging tool or begin dragging from the inner lines. I used my dragging tool and pulled each side out.


Next I used my dragging tool to create vertical lines by dragging back and forth taking care not to reach the outer dry rings.


Using the same back and forth dragging technique I made horizontal lines through the vertical ones.


I then dipped my nail downwards at a 45 degree angle, gathering up the excess polish with my dragging tool before removing my nail. At this point I blew on my nail to get rid of the water droplets that will leave water spots if left. I then topcoated and removed my liquid latex before cleaning up with a clean up brush and acetone. This is the finished result:






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