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I am so honored that I got to be a part of a collab for @darkartsandcrafts to show how much we love her nail art at any length! She is so amazing at intricate nail art, definitely check her out and all of the other amazing ladies that joined in: @polished.plumage @manisaurus.rex@baes_nails @tjinfla@theweekendpolisher@beautifuldreamer612 @marindasmanis@pretty_in_pink_polish @rocket.mani@thatrighthandtho @pittbullsandpolish@egyptianmani @crooked_mani@mamineedsamani @anas_manis@luvbboop23 @color.obsessed@tbsofeeny @sloppyswatches@polished_ink @tmm111907@thepolishedroo @jeninthemorning and a special thank you to @baes_nails for organizing!

To do my look I began with a base of Zoya Willa on all of my nails.

1 coat of Zoya Willa under artificial lighting

NextI used Guilded from mpolishes and stamping plate bp-77 to stamp triangle images using my clear stamper from I also used Winstonia stamping plate w206 to make the “shattered image on my ring nail.

Stamping plates w206 from Winstone, bp-77 from, and mpolishes Guilded
Zoya Willa stamped with mpolishes Guilded

Next I added a thick topcoat and cut tiny triangles from my holographic nail art paper in option 3 and filled out the triangles on my ring nail, as well as added some strips to my other nails. I sealed everything in with a heavy layer of topcoat and this is the finished result:

Finished stamped shattered glass mani
At an angle under artificial lighting
Macro under artificial lighting.

So that rounds out my contribution to the #lovefordarkartsandcrafts collab, head over to her page and send her love from me! If you’d like to purchase any items from use my coupon code JFGK31 for 10% off all nonsale items!

This post contains affiliate links, all items were purchased by me.

9 comments on “NailArt | Love For @Darkartsandcrafts”

  1. What an awesome collab! I’m a big fan of Dark Arts and Crafts and you did an awesome job with your recreation!


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