NailArt | Mehndi Stamped nails ft. BPS Clear Stamper



Hey guys! Today I have a matte multichrome Mehndi stamped look featuring a clear stamper from I was sent for review as well as Something Majestic and Something Volcanic from MDJ Creations! Keep reading for the tutorial for these flashy metallic nails!

Vertical gradient of Something Majestic and Something Volcanic over Zoya Willa/

First I made a vertical gradient using Something Majestic and Something Volcanic over Zoya Willa. I protected my skin and cuticle area using Sexy Cuticles and used an upwards rolling motion for full opacity in 2 passes. I then removed the liquid latex and added a quick dry topcoat.

Next I used stamping plate bp-L008 and Mpolishes Cayuga along with the clear stamper to stamp different images on to each nail. I found the clear stamper semi-firm and picked up fantastically after I washed the head with some dawn dish soap! If you haven’t picked up a clear stamper bornprettystore carries a few different affordable options, I love the clear barreled ones because they let in a little more light for easier placement.



I then topcoated once more with a quick dry topcoat and this is the finished result:


Finished glossy mani under artificial lighting
Finished glossy macro under artificial lighting.
Finished glossy mani at an angle under artificial lighting.

Then I added a matte topcoat, because matte all the flakies!!

Finished matte mani under artificial lighting
Finished matte mani in indirect natural lighting
Finished matte macro under artificial lighting.

Here is a little side view, you can kind of see the shift that the vertical gradient lent to the look:

Matte mani at an angle in indirect natural lighting.

So that rounds out this nail look for today, be sure to head over to and check out all of their affordable nail art and polish accessories. You may use my coupon JFGK31 for 10% off all nonsale items and be prepared for a bit of a wait time for shipping.

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