But Do They Watermarble | INM Out The Door Nail Lacquer



Hey guys! Today I have my second installment of “But Do They Watermarble?” I’m really excited to share my thoughts on how INM’s Out The Door Nail Lacquer performs when dropped and dragged on water. These were sent to me for review and are available on inmnails.com. I have my full swatch and review of the shades I was sent here.

Using every color starting with: Vanillazilla, Celine’s Jellybean, Bananigans, Tangerine Dream, Green Machine, Grape Escape, Cotton Candy Dandy, and lastly Huckleberry Fairy.
A design in the opposite order, I don’t know what I was aiming for here lol!

Eacjcolor spread beautifully, I did find that the thicker creamy colors spread at a different speed than the more jelly formulas and for me it made it a little harder to incorporate both into one design. Here is an example of how that turned out:

Design using Cotton Candy Dandy (cream,) Huckleberry Fairy (jelly,) and Vanillazilla (cream.)

The jelly formula of Huckleberry Fairy got very compressed and I wasn’t able to make as many rings. I still thought the design was very pretty though! The jelly type formulas reacted really well together and I was able to get a ton of rings:

Tangerine Dream (jelly) with Huckleberry Fairy (jelly.)

I was feeling something a little more springy, so my final design I did in all creams!

Petal design using Vanillazilla (cream,) Bananigans (cream,) and Celine’s Jellybean (cream.)

I had plenty of drag time with these and they spread out pretty flawlessly! After I while I even turned my fan back on and had no problems using these to watermarble! I think this is definitely a good option to check into for your watermarbling needs, especially since these retail for about $3 USD a piece!

Finished watermarble topped with Out The Door under artificial lighting.
Finished mani topped with Out The Door at an angle under artificial lightng.
Finished Macro topped with Out The Door under artificial lighting.

12 comments on “But Do They Watermarble | INM Out The Door Nail Lacquer”

  1. I’m completely in love with your photo of the teacup that’s seen many a watermarble 😀 It’s such an adorable shot!! And very cool that these WM, good to know!


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