NailArt | Uptown Funk by Tux Polish Stamping and Watermarble




Finishes stamped and watermarbled matte mani.

Hey guys! Today as promised I have a review on how the Tux Polish cremes stamp and watermarble! I’ll begin with my “But Does It Watermarble?” review!


Finished watermarble
Pink and purple watermarble design.

These do spread super aggressively and gorgeous, Girls Hit Your Hallelujah  and Don’t Believe Me Just Watch are incredibly easy to work with ! They spread beautifully and are really easy to manipulate into patterns. I’m Too Hot, Hollywood, and Saturday night do spread but they got a little bit chalky on me and were hard to manipulate the way I wanted. I ended up doing a random “organic” type design and this is the result over a white base:

Organic design over a white base using the Tux Polish Cremes.

And because these look super cool under a black light:

Organic watermarble over white base using Tux Polish cremes under black light.

Next I stamped over the watermarble design using plate bp-l015, m polishes Cayuga, and my clear stamper from bps.

Stamped watermarble.


Next I want to share with you how amazing the cremes are as stamping polish! These are gorgeously opaque over white, black and everything in between and were super easy for my stamper to pick up. I added a drop of each color I wanted to use at the top of my chosen image, scraped downwards twice, rolled my stamper upwards and this is the multicolored result:

Gotta Kiss Myself,Hollywood, and I’m Too Hot multicolored stamping under artificial lighting.
Gotta Kiss Myself, Hollywood, and I’m Too Hot multicolored stamping under black light.

I used different combinations on each finger over Zoya Willa. This is the finished result:

Finished stamped mani under artificial lighting.
Finished Stamped mani at an angle under artificial lighting.
Finished stamped macro under artificial lighting.
Finished stamped macro under blacklight.
Finished stamped mani with matte topcoat at an angle under artificial lighting.
Finished Stamped mani under black light.


I did have a little bit of smearing when I applied topcoat but I am thoroughly impressed with these! Here is an image I pulled from the Bundle Monster bm-xl210 water marble plate from this  bundle using all 5 cremes from the Uptown Funk collection.

Multicolored watermarble stamp under artificial lighting
Multicolored watermarble stamp under black light

Don’t miss out on this super versatile and awesome collection, head over to Tux Polish to stay up to date on this release!

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