But Does it Stamp? | Iridium from Doctor Lacquer



Hey guys! Today I am starting a companion segment to go with my “But Do They Watermarble?”  experiments. Today I have my very first “But Does it Stamp?” to share with you! For today’s test I’ll be using Iridium from the upcoming FrUTaS collection releasing on April 28th from Doctor Lacquer, this polish was sent to me for review. The other polishes in the collection are crellies so they are pretty obviously not appropriate for stamping. Iridium is a silver holographic polish with holographic shards.

To stamp today I used stamping plate bp-l004, a clear stamper, and scarper all from bornprettystore.com. I used a base of the pink from the Exotics collection dry brushed with the purple and an accent nail of Zoya Willa. When stamping with Iridium I found that the lower the angle I could get plus a soft scrape made for better pickup. The scraping helps to take out the flakes so the final image is more crisp! Over a lighter color Iridium is going to be a little more subtle. Over black it really shines! I had no problem with transferring or with the polish bleeding, a good topcoat really helps lock in and accentuate the holographic shimmer!

Stamped mani at an angle under artificial lighting
Iridium stamped over pink/purple dry brush.
Iridium stamped over Zoya Willa.
Finished stamp mani under artificial lighting.

All in all I’m pretty pleased with how Iridium picks up and stamps, especially over darker colors! I love a polish that can be mulitpurposed, Iridium fits that bill for me!

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