NailArt | Earth Day Bestie Twin Nails with @Fatimattidesigns



Today I have some super special bestie twin nails to share with you that I got to do with @fatimattidesigns! She chose this really sweet eco friendly tree design, definitely head over and check out how she achieved her awesome look here!

For my take I started with a nice thick base of Zoya Purity. Next I used a small detail brush and Lime After Lime  from China Glaze to add some drag art “grass” french tips. I then went in with Zoya’s Louise to add in some dirt detail before topcoating with Out The Door topcoat.

Grass drag art french tip

Next I did another thick base of Zoya Purity on my ring nail and used a small detail brush and Zoya’s Louise to drag in the tree detail! I then used Lime After Lime and a dotting tool to add some swirl leaves in before using Zoya Honor to add in the triangle recycle type symbol to each leaf. I then topcoated once more with Out The Door Topcoat.

Drag art tree accent nail
Finished mani under artificial lighting
Finished mani at an angle under artificial lighting.

I had so much fun doing this bestie twin nail collab! Don’t forget that the Zoya Earth Day promo runs all the way through April 30th, don’t miss your chance to snag half price polishes and take care of your unwanted polishes in an eco friendly way using coupon code zgreen. Please let me know down below if you would be interested in seeing my top 10 Zoya polishes that I can’t live without and Happy Earth Day!


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