NailArt | Game Of Thrones Collab Season 6 Premier



Gah I am so pumped up for the Season 6 premier of Game of Thrones tonight! Some of my very best nail friends teamed up with my to do a #BHBdoesGoT collab, check out how awesome their versions are at @lacquerexpressions and @darkartsandcrafts!

To do my “White Walker” inspired nails I used a base of Zoya’s Blue, and then used Willa, Blue, and Robyn to do a sponge radient gradient. I then sponged on a little bit more blue towards the brow ridge bone and high points. I then went in with a detail brush and added thin stripes of blue to the inner part of the eye. I then used white and black acrylic paint and a detail brush to add thin wrinkle details in varying shades of grey. I added a small black pinpoint and topped it all off with HK Girl.


Will you be watching tonight? Which team are you on?

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