NailArt | Soft Neon Stamped Gradient ft. LynB Designs


PicMonkey CollageLynB2

Hey guys! Today I have a soft neon stamped gradient to share with you featuring the upcoming Staycation collection releasing from LynB Designs on May 6th. Check out my swatch video of the collection here.

Finished stamped neon gradient

To begin, I started with a base of Zoya Purity across all of my nails as well as Sexy Cuticles liquid latex barrier. I then used a makeup sponge and added small dabs of Eleuthera, Oahu, Bondi, Santerini, and Ibiza before dabbing on to my nails. I did have to reload my sponge and make 2 passes. I then topcoated with LynB Designs B Shiny topcoat before adding Bora Bora as a topper. This is the finished result:

Soft neon sponged gradient
Soft neon sponged gradient at an angle.
Soft neon sponged macro.

Next I used my Moments plate 14 by Moyra that I picked up recently from to add some black stamping. I used Caygua stamping polish by mpolishes and my clear born pretty stamper to add in the butterfly and flower details, I did overlap a few floral stamps to get the look I wanted. I then topcoat with HK Girl as I find that the B Shiny topcoat does smear my nail art a bit. This is the finished look, I did really love these matte as well!

Finished stamped mani at an angle
Finished stamped macro

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