But Do They Watermarble | Zoya Whispers Collection



Hey guys! Today I have a “But Do They Watermarble?” segment that I received a request for from Me Me on YouTube! This is the Zoya’s Whispers collection, I was sent these Zoya polishes for review and you may check out my original swatch video of them here. This was a collection of 6 neutral transitional shades for winter to spring 2016. This collection included April, Cala, Misty, Ireland, Lake,and Eastyn.

I began with a coat of April on all of my nails and Sexy Cuticles liquid latex around my cuticle area. For the first time ever I noticed that Sexy Cuticles stained my skin a little bit!

I dropped starting with April,Then Cala, then Misty, then Ireland, the Lake and finally Eastyn and then repeated the pattern once more. These spread out well for me and I had no problem dragging a pattern.


Next I dropped them in the reverse order and once more I had no problem with spreading or dragging a pattern, they gave me a good amount of manipulation time.


This is the finished design I did, I omitted some of the similiar shades (Cala and Misty) in order to get a little bit more of a definied pattern. I found when I used all of the colors my end result got a little bit muddy. This end result reminds me of banded agate a bit!

Banded Agate, photo owned by FenderMinerals.
Finished Zoya Whispers Watermarble
Finished Zoya Whispers watermarble at an angle
Finished Zoya Whispers watermarble macro
Finished matte Zoya Whispers watermarble

So that rounds out my watermarbling segment for this week, check back soon for more nail art and swatches and leave any recommendations for collections you would like to see watermarbled down below!

22 comments on “But Do They Watermarble | Zoya Whispers Collection”

  1. This is amazing!!! I just bought these shades too as part of my Earth day order. Now I gotta try this. 🙂 beautiful job. ❤ I love that you do this feature on your blog. 🙂


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