NailArt | Penny Dreadful Inspired Little Scorpion Nails



Hey guys! Today I have a nail art look inspired by the Showtime show, Penny Dreadful! I loved the first season when it came out and have spent the last week catching up on season 2 in order to be ready for the season 3 premier tonight! I have really enjoyed the take that they have taken on some familiar characters and it really strikes a cord in my weird little macabre heart. Plus in my mind Eva Green can do no wrong, I love that she is not afraid to show herself in unflattering lights and her acting is so incredibly strong. Are you a fan of the show?

Finished Little Scorpion mani

To begin I laid down a base of Zoya Purity in 2 coats. I then used Zoya Misty and some saran wrap to pounce on some “wrinkle” texture before pouncing over that once more with ZoyaPurity to lighten it up a little bit. I then used my cleanup brush and pounced Misty around all of the edges and bled it out using 100% Acetone. This is the finished “papyrus” look!

Papyrus Mani under artificial lighting
Papyrus mani at an angle under artificial lighting
Papyrus mani plus matte topcoat macro.

Next I used Zoya Pepper to add in the Little Scorpion detail using a small detail brush. I bled it out a little but using 100% acetone once more and added in some shine detail using Zoya Purity. I opted not to topcoat my ring nail because I really loved the raised texture it had.

Finished Little Scorpion mani under artificial lighting
Finished Little Scorpion mani at an angle under artificial lighting
Finished Little Scorpion macro under artificial lighting.

What do you think?

25 comments on “NailArt | Penny Dreadful Inspired Little Scorpion Nails”

  1. Gorgeous! It looks just like a splash of blood that happened to look like a scorpion. And my aunt has been telling me to watch this show for ages–this clinches it. 🙂


  2. Ahhhh! I was stung by a scorpion so I’m biased against them, but I have to say this is pretty cool!


  3. I loooooove the creativity in this mani, but I *hate* scorpions, so admittedly this makes me cringe a little – which I guess is actually a big complement to you, because it is obvious your art is a bloody scorpion 😛 We have them here in Phoenix the same people have spiders everywhere else, so it’s a real pain to deal with them and scary since they sting. I had 72 in my home one year :-/


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