NailArt | Mermaid Scale Maniswap With @baes_nails

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Originals to the left, recreates on the right

Hey guys, today I am beyond honored to bring you a maniswap I got to do with @baes_nails. She is so incredibly sweet and talented, check out how she did her version of my stamped neon smooshy nails!

I started out with a matted base of Raven’s Writing Desk from the Simply Mad For Tea collection by Lifestyle Lacquer that I reviewed here that is releasing on May 13th.

Raven’s Writing Desk with matte topcoat at an angle.

Next I used item #23018 in option T6 from as a stencil for a mermaid scale gradient. I cut the pieces down to my nail size, peeled them up using tweezers,placed them on the back of my hand to reduce stickiness and then pushed them flush to my nail. I then used a makeup sponge and Zoya’s Solange and Chita to dab a gradient over the decal. I then removed the decal using tweezers and did a ton of clean up using acetone and a clean up brush. I greatly recommend using a liquid latex around your cuticle area!

Item #23018
Chita and Solange gradient on a makeup sponge
Finished Mermaid gradient without topcoat under artificial lighting
Mermaid gradient at an angle under artificial lighting.
Mermaid Gradient Macro
Mermaid Gradient plus topcoat at an angle in direct sunlight.

So that rounds out this month’s Maniswap, head over to Bae’s instagram and send her love from me and thank you for reading!

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