But Do They Watermarble | California Bleach Collection by Virago Varnish



Hey guys! On this Friday’s “But Do They Watermarble?” segment I’ll be testing out the California Bleach collection releasing from Virago Varnish on May 20th! These were sent to me for review and I have a full swatch here. As always I’m starting with room temperature bottled water in a small teacup and I’ll be dropping them in the order I swatched them (ROYGBIV) and then backwards before doing a final design.


From Malibu to Laguna 

I was able to drop each color twice and had plenty of time to drag a petal pattern. I did find that there was a clear residue around the first drop that I needed to move out with my rhinestone tool to start a good spread.


From Malibu to Laguna once more. 

I dropped from Malibu to Laguna once more and was able to drag a nice swirl pattern, I was also able to replicate this! These are pretty easy to work with once you get the initial spread started! These are thicker polishes so I found that I needed to clean off my tool often to keep a nice clean drag.

From Coronado to Malibu

On this spread I just barely made it back to dropping each polish twice but I was able to complete a swirl pattern with more points no problem!

Laguna to Malibu

For my final look I dropped Laguna to Malibu. I wasn’t able to quite make it all the way through to 2 drops per polish, I only made it back to Coronado but this made a beautiful cool toned swirl! I prepped my nails by using OPI Alpine Snow and I Peel So Good from Sweet and Sour Lacquer for my liquid latex.

Final Watermarble under black light.

These are gorgeously reactive under black lighting! Venice and Laguna have a soft reaction but the others are very bright! I did a full mani of watermarble and while I loved the colors I had a few too many water spots for me. Here is a look at that mani:

Full watermarble mani
Full watermarble mani under blacklights.

In the end I ended up doing a soft gradient on my other nails using a makeup sponge and topcoating with HK Girl.

Finished mani under artificial lighting.
Finished Mani at an angle under artificial lighting.
Finished watermarble macro
Finished watermarble macro under black lights.

So that rounds out this weeks segment, these polishes will be releasing on May 20th so check out viragovarnish.com and their instagram here to stay up to date! Do you have any recommendations for collections you would like to see marbled?

*This post contains affiliate links.

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