Swatches | California Bleach Collection by Virago Varnish



Hey guys! Today I am super excited to share the upcoming California Bleach collection releasing for pre-order on May 20th from Virago Varnish! This collection includes 5 bleached pastel neon shades in one gorgeously cohesive assortment that will be perfect for Summer! These all have fantastic formulas and dry down to a glossy finish. If you own (or lusted) after the Boardwalk collection you will love these as much or more! I feel like the formula on these is just a little bit easier to work with, so let’s get into the swatches! All of my swatches today are shown without topcoat. These were sent to me for review.


Malibu at 2 coats under artificial lighting.

First up is Malibu. Malibu is a coral,peachy pink shade that will instantly enhance any tan! This one has a really easy 2 coat formula that is a little on the thicker side and dries down fairly quickly to a glossy finish. This shade is such a must have for summer!

Malibu at an angle under artificial lighting.
Malibu macro.


Huntington at 2 coats under artificial lighting.

Next up is Huntington, Hunington is a bright and cheery pastel buttery neon yellow. This one has such a great formula especially for a yellow and was opaque for me in 2 coats.

Huntington at an angle under artificial lighting.
Huntington Macro.


Coronado at 2 coats under artificial lighting.

Next up is Coronado, and this one gets me right in the feels! Coronado is a gorgeous minty cool melon green that will be flattering on so many skin tones! This one, like the others, has a really great formula and was opaque for me at 2 coats.

Coronado at an angle under artificial lighting.
Coronado Macro.


Venice at 2 coats under artificial lighting.

Next up is Venice, Venice is a very bright light powder blue. I hate to pick any as my favorite from this collection since I loved them all so very much, but this one stood out to me! The formula is maybe a tad thinner than the others and was very easy for me to work with. Completely opaque at 2 coats.

Venice at an angle under artificial lighting.
Venice macro.


Laguna at 2 coats under artificial lighting.

Lastly I have Laguna. Laguna is a very bright pastel lavender, and this is another tentative favorite of mine! Opaque in 1-2 coats, this one is another that has a flawless formula!

Laguna at an angle under artificial lighting.
Laguna Macro.

So that rounds out my swatch and review of the California Bleach collection, in my opinion this is a great 5 piece set to have for Summer and will work well for next Spring as well! I feel like these tones are going to be so flattering across the spectrum of skin tones. I will be testing these for watermarbling (and perhaps stamping) in this Friday’s “But Do They Watermarble?” segment so stay tuned for that!

Visit Virago Varnish’s storefront here and follow them on instagram here for more updates!


15 comments on “Swatches | California Bleach Collection by Virago Varnish”

  1. Fabulous job with this. Your swatches make me even more excited to get these. I preordered them and am eagerly awaiting their arrival. Really glad to hear the polishes have excellent formulas all around.


  2. I like Venice and Laguna. I think the other colors are pretty common in a lot of neon collections, regular or pastel. But the pale blue and lavender are not usual neon colors.

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