NailArt | Mermaid Gradient ft. By The Sea Trio by Tux Polish



Hey you guys! Today I have some nail art featuring the limited edition “By The Sea” trio releasing from Tux Polish on May 27th at 11 EST! I was sent these for review and you can check out my full swatch and review here. To begin I laid down a base of Zoya Purity on my ring nail, Zoya Willa on my pointer and pinky, and Pink Bikini on my middle nail.

For the mermaid scales I used Gals stamping plate GA14, my clear stamper, and Pink Bikini. I applied a generous amount of Pink Bikini to the image, scraped downwards, and then rolled upwards with my stamper. This is how it picked up:

Pink Bikini stamped with GALS GA14.

Next I used a dotting tool and By The Sea to fill in some of the mermaid scales in a random pattern, taking care to stay within the lines and to not smudge them.

Filled in with By The Sea.

Next I used a dotting tool and filled in more scales with Mermaid Vibes before finishing up with a little more By The sea.

Filled in with Mermaid Vibes.

After waiting just a minute for those polishes to dry I added Zoya’s Glossy Seal topcoat over the image and left it to dry for about 30 minutes. Once the edges began peeling up I used tweezers and removed the decal from the stamper. I then placed the decal on my ring nail over my still damp base of Zoya Purity. I pulled the image to each edge and then smoothed flat with my finger. To clean up the edges I used acetone and a clean up brush before topcoating once more. This is the finished result:

Mermaid scales macro under artificial lighting.

Next I used a makeup sponge and By The Sea and Mermaid Vibes to create a gradient over my base of Zoya Willa on my pointer and pinky. You do NOT have to lay down a black base to make a gradient with these. I had planned on going in a different direction with my nail art and already had it on, I was confident that these polishes were opaque enough to go on smoothly and they totally did! I topcoated once more and this is the finished result:

Finished mani at an angle under artificial lighting.
Finished mani at an angle in direct sunlight.

This has by far been my most favorite gradient I have ever done, I love how the pink and teal overlap to make a perfect holographic purple! If you are interested in this trio don’t miss out on the 27th, these will not be restocked once they are gone! Stay up to date on releases by following Tux Polish on instagram and their storefront!

*This post does contain affiliate links.

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