But Do They Watermarble | Catchphrases by Sweet & Sour Lacquer



Hey guys! For today’s But Do They Watermarble? I am featuring the Catchphrases collection by Sweet & Sour Lacquer! I have a full swatch and review of this collection available here as well as a giveaway for a set of minis here that is running until Sunday the 29th so check it out! I will jump right into the designs I did today!

Bullseye starting from Mmm…Donuts to Hey-Diddly-Ho
Petal design in Mmm…Donuts to Hey-Diddly-Ho.
Even more petals!
Next Drop: Hey-Didly-Ho to Mmm…Donuts.
Full swirl in Hey-Diddly-Ho to Mmm…Donuts.

Before my final design I used I Peel Good around my cuticle area and laid down a base of Zoya Purity.

Final pointed petal design.
Final watermarble look
Watermarble look at an angle under artificial lighting.
Watermarble macro.
Watermarble in indirect natural light.

All in all I think this is a phenomenal set for watermabling, I think this would be a really great set for beginners as well. These all spread fantastically and it was almost effortless to drag designs in to, I am very pleased with this set! These are available in both full size and mini sets right now here, don’t forget to visit my youtube channel to enter to win as well!

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